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ATOY • Sri Lanka

Asian Tree of the Year - Sri Lanka was first held in 2016 with a simple concept- to photograph, publicise and preserve trees which hold a special meaning to individuals and kickstart a movement to preserve our biodiversity heritage. The contest is organised by The Carbon Consulting Company.


1. Go over the Rules of the Contest

2. Read the Frequently Asked Questions

3. Take a photo of a tree

4. Craft your story

Previous Submissions

Rian Wydeman_pureserenity_1
Amayaa Wijesinghe_copy
Thisun Gamlath
The Knowledge Tree
Ramani Ranathunge
Standing Out - Standing Tall by Udeshi Gurusinghe
The Inspiration
The 'Amba Yaluwa'
The Nutmeg Tree
The Lion Soul Tree
Thilini Pathirana_OldLadyFlamboyan
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